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Your home isn’t just a place to live, it’s also an investment, and the best way to get the most out of an investment is to take good care of it! When it comes to the care, upkeep, and maintenance of your property, pressure washing is the absolute best way to keep every aspect of it in excellent condition throughout the year. Our company provides the number one power washing in Youngstown OH, and our qualified and skilled staff can show you the impressive effects that power washing can have on your home.

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How many times have you come home to a dirty and stained driveway wishing it could be clean so it would reflect the beauty of your home? We’re guessing the answer is too many. Driveways get mucky and discolored relatively quickly because the surface has to deal with the weather, natural residues, tires, and more. However, our driveway cleaning is the best solution to this problem. Our pressure washing can truly restore the driveway and leave it cleaner than ever before.

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Pavers are similar to driveways in the sense that they have a lot of daily impacts to handle. Think of the foot traffic, rainwater pools, snow, mud, moss, and a hundred other things that can add to your paving losing its shine every day. Fortunately, we have the ultimate power washing in Youngstown OH! With our top-of-the-range equipment, reliable cleaning methods, and hardworking team, you won’t ever have dull pavers again. Give us a call, and we’ll bring them back to life and looking as good as new.

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Just because a surface is more delicate doesn’t mean it can’t be washed to the same high standards as other areas. When it comes to decking, at Pinnacle Power Washing, we know exactly what to do to ensure that your decking is safe at all times. We use our soft washing method to softly remove the grime and dirt from the surface, our cleaning agents are completely harmless, and our team always takes a lot of care. We can guarantee to deliver exceptional results, restore the beauty of your decking, and cause absolutely zero damage.

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Affordable and professional power washing in Youngstown OH

We have been serving the people of this area for years and have managed to build up a fantastic reputation during that time, all due to our hard work, dedication, and passion for the job. At Pinnacle Power Washing, we are the number one choice for pressure washing in Youngstown OH. We deliver exceptional results, outstanding customer care, and affordable prices. We keep our standards high and our rates low to ensure that everyone can benefit from our work. As a bonus, we can even use our water supply if necessary, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about. Our professional team is full of experts in power washing, and we are confident that our work will never let you down.

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Power Washing Youngstown OH

I had my deck and patio power washed today. They were covered with moss/algae and now they look great!! I didn’t think they would clean up that nicely. The guys did a great Power Washing job!!

Donna Iannone

Power Washing In Youngstown OH

Bobby cleaned our patio, sidewalk and roof recently. Everything looks like new. Just beautiful. He's a great guy and very professional. I can't wait to have him clean the deck and do a restoration on the siding next spring. I highly recommend Pinnacle Power Washing. Thanks Bobby!!

Colleen Lane

Power Washing Youngstown

We hired Pinnacle Power Washing to come clean and remove mold from the outside of our home. They did a marvelous job. Cleaned our wood siding without chipping any of the paint off. Got rid of all The mold. No strong chemical smell. Very professional. I would definitely hire them again.

Karla Maple

Frequently Asked Youngstown Power Washing Questions

Our power washing in Youngstown OH doesn’t only cover the three surfaces listed above. In addition to these surfaces, we also pressure wash roof tiles and shingles, cedarwood, Hardie board, vinyl siding, brickwork, gutter exteriors, fencing, concrete, and more. At Pinnacle Power Washing, we can handle any and all jobs. We really can transform your whole property.

Our pressure washing services are priced based on the size and the type of the job. Because there are so many variables, we are not able to have set price lists. However, because you pay only for what you need, you always get the lowest price! So, the next time you need power washing in Youngstown OH, give us a call, and we’ll quickly put together your free no-obligation personalized quote for you.

While the answer to this question depends on the surface in question, most areas at your home should be pressured washed at least once a year. These areas include your roof, home exterior, decking, driveway, paving, and fencing. Your gutters, however, should be pressure washed at least twice a year, along with a few other surfaces. If you have a specific area in mind that we haven’t covered here, just give us a call, and we’ll be able to help answer your questions.

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